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16th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

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Photos by: Princess "Cesz" Alaoria (orange shirt)

Last Sunday, we had a chance to experience the annual hot air balloon fiesta in Clark, Pampanga. We were in the vicinity around 5:20AM but were able to enter the grounds pass 6AM already due to the long queue of cars waiting to be parked.
high school friends (thanks Cesz for the pictures)

If we haven't had our tickets yet, then it's another queue! Good thing we purchased ours in advance through SM. Yes, you can buy them at SM Ticketnet with no extra charge. Price is relatively cheap at 150 pesos.
avoid the queue on the day itself ;)

people on the rush

The fest is a whole day event but I guess the Hot Air Balloon Flights portion is the most awaited which starts at around 6AM which is simultaneous with the Paragliding Exhibition.
balloon on inflation; paragliders on the fly

There are more or less 30 balloons. Most are regular-shaped.
ready for takeoff

it says "Vote Vote Vote Puerto Princesa Underground River for New 7 Wonders of Nature"

There are some that can really catch your attention.
barn balloon

pirate in a barrel

mushroom puff

frosty under the sun

I was waiting for the turtle and sun-shaped balloons but maybe they have not joined for this year. New is Darth Vader. People are quite disappointed though because he never got to show his face; maybe because of a not so good positioning of the balloon.
shy type or suplado?

Lots of food booths are located at the side which includes Burger King, Mcdonals, Chowking, Lugaw Republic, Pampanga's Best and other non-branded food stalls. Portalets are also installed but I heard they're not so clean so do what you need to do before going there :p.

We were just after the balloon flights and decided to go past 8AM to hear mass. We went to Our Lady of Remedies Church inside Airforce City also in Clark.
very calm surrounding

This church looks very new (or at least newly renovated). It is fully air conditioned and has LCD displays for the hymns.
modern touch, we like it

We had lunch in Raymond Razon's in San Fernando, Pampanga which is not the same as the usual Razon's that can be found in Metro Manila. I'll tell more of this on my next post including how to eat halo-halo the Razon's way ;).

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  1. alvindm February 19, 2011 at 9:58 PM
    it was fun. :)
    the balloon fest itself and the night before. :)
  2. Ry February 20, 2011 at 10:20 PM
    yes vin, fun tlga. i really love bonding moments

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