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Quick Fix for Oily Face... Hopefully

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid advertisement/post. I bought the product myself to see if it really works.

I always have an oily face since my puberty days. I have tried sorts of oil control facial washes, toners, mattifying creams and films. Most of them helped in delaying like an hour for the sebum to overflow but still not good enough to not let me bother anymore in the succeeding hours. In fact, I have days where I need to apply toner every three hours just to wipe the oil out of my greasy face.

Recently, I've heard yet another product that, again, gives oil-trapping promises among others. What's interesting though is that it's currently gaining positive reviews on the net. Maybe one of the most rave is from the Sole Sisters. Upon reading it, I really feel enthusiastic to try it as the it really sounds promising - it's the Summer Teen BB Cream.
photo from the official website - http://www.summerbb.com.sg/

BB cream is the generic name, Summer BB is the brand and Summer Teen BB is for oily skin.
BB stands for : blemish Balm, started off as a soothing treatment balm dermatologists use on patients who underwent laser treatment. It helps to shield, protect and regenerate delicate skin. Soon enough, Korea actress and star started using this cream and sparked off a craze for this “miracle cream” in Korea due to its effective and excellent results.

In the Philippines, the official distributor is Magic Potions. So I ordered online hoping to be photogenic on my upcoming summer escapade. The e-mail confirmation took a few hours to arrive since they consolidate the orders manually. I also got a text with the package tracking number which I can check online in LBC. I got the item the next business day.
priced at 950 + 100 shipping cost + 44.14 online payment charge (I used my credit card)

What's inside?
Summer Teen BB, some brochures and a freebie item which is the Sheep Placenta Collagen Hydrating Facial Mask (whew!)

Summer Teen BB looks small on the web but it's actually bigger than I thought.
Summer Teen BB is a fresh lightweight, water-resistant and sebum control Blemish Balm that corrects skin tone and protects against sun damage. It contains natural Embilica Extract that gives an intensive whitening effect and natural matte finish. The product is water-resistant (silicone-based).

I'm optimistic about this particular brand of BB since it's, according to ads, formulated for tropical countries like the Philippines. It's also gaining popularity in Singapore where fake products and claims, generally speaking, are No-No's. Promises also include a no-makeup-look so this is also recommended for vain men like me :). By the way, this is made in Korea.

I am yet to try it and I'll post the result of my findings in the following weeks or months to come.

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  1. lazyme August 2, 2011 at 4:24 PM
    hiyee, any feedback on what happened with your use of summer teen bb?
  2. Ry August 2, 2011 at 4:30 PM
    @lazyme: i wasn't able to right a formal review post for this as I don't use it too often. i just apply it pag gumigimik ako and i can say that it really helps me look more presentable to people, a reliable quick fix.
  3. Anonymous October 18, 2011 at 10:43 AM
    i'd like to try this summer teen BB...How can i order & how mch it would cost me?
  4. Anonymous October 18, 2011 at 11:41 AM
    please tell me how can i order...im too excited to try it on my friend's big day.tnx

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