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Sea Breeze Cafe: Buffet in Boracay Regency

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We were craving to try this certain buffet during our first Boracay trip but our tight budget then just let us put this in our To-Do list. When we came back in the island after exactly one year (yes, exactly!), we finally had the chance to try this food haven which looks cozier than most others and appears to offer delicately prepared food.
Sea Breeze Cafe is located in Station 2 as a forefront buffet restaurant of Boracay Regency. Actually, people don't realize that it's "Sea Breeze Cafe"; most just know it as the "buffet in Boracay Regency".
At P671 per head, Sea Breeze claims to be Boracay's biggest and most extensive buffet. The food has international theme which is mostly of Western influence.
I know you want to get the most of out your money and make sure it would be worth it. So as requested, I'm posting here everything that Sea Breeze Cafe offered us that night. So what are we waiting for? Let the food parade begin!
soup is always a good start to warm up
Filipino food is not complete without rice.
aside from the plain Steamed Rice, they also have this Chili Coriander Fried Rice
Paprika Potato
Vegetable Ratatouille for side dish
I'm pretty sure this one is of Spanish inspiration :D.
Sauteed Spanish Style Seafood
My buddy likes the marlin.
Pan-Seared White Marlin - tastes good, just good
Grilled Miso Chicken - pinasosyal na version of chicken inasal
Oriental Pork and Cabbage Stir Fry - comparable to Pork Chopseuy, I like this
Braised Beef Milanese - it's like beef stew, I also like
The name of this dish sounds interesting for me, sounds something to crave for, sounds sosyal hihi...
U.S. Beef Short Plate with Red Wine Jus - it actually tastes like lechon, it's really good
I just wish they had leaner cuts, medyo mataba e
I don't eat mashed potato, even that of KFC's with super sarap gravy. But when I tried this, that changed. I never thought that mashed potato can be this good. The texture is not so rough and the potato itself tastes buttery.
Sea Breeze Cafe taught me how to eat Mashed Potato ;)
At first glance, I thought this was macaroni salad...
Mixed Seafood with Olive and Bell Pepper Aioli - another of my buddy's favorites
Steamed Oyster
Assorted Dimsum - I love siomai!
I'm not a fan of oysters because of their not so appetizing black color. But Sea Breeze Cafe is able to make them a mouth-watering golden brown favorite.
Breaded Oyster with Coleslaw - one of my favorites at Sea Breeze Cafe

Some breakfast treats...
sorts of Bread and Butter for dinner
There are also two kinds of Pinoy pancit as side dishes or alternatives to rice.
Sotanghon and Pancit Canton - above average but not exceptional
Not complete without desserts...
Vegetable Salad Section
Disappointingly, the mango float was not replenished. The pudding is also not to crave for. Fruit salad is good though.
naghihingalong Sweets Section
We like the lychee jelly.
Fruits Section
Overall, I am rating this as above average. Definitely, Sea Breeze Cafe offers beyond the usual buffets you can find by the beach. The ambiance is cozy and the setup is attractive and appetizing. But for its price, I was expecting a little bit more. Masarap, kaya lang parang may kulang. While some dishes really stand out, others just don't. Some lack the flavor and savor that Pinoys are looking for. Well, the food are mostly international and maybe they are just really supposed to taste like that. Nevertheless, there is no regret. This is still nice to try if food trip is your thing and you have some extra money in your pockets.

Sea Breeze Cafe
Main Wing, Level 1,
Boracay Regency, Station 2 
Phone: (+63) (36) 288 6111 local 416/422

P.S. This food trip is part of my March 2011 Boracay trip. For more food trips, activities and reviews, you may visit My 4-Day Boracay Itinerary:
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  1. Unknown May 4, 2011 at 9:23 PM
    nice! nakakagutom tong post mo ry! :)

    we'll try this buffet next time we're in boracay...
  2. chyng May 5, 2011 at 5:34 AM
    ang mura, wala pang P700! kala ko naman kasi above 1K, di na pasok sa budget!

    good job sa buffet photos. i know mahirap yan gawin =)
  3. Ry May 5, 2011 at 9:41 AM
    thanks ivee and chyng :)
    uu hirap kumuha ng shots
  4. Mariel May 5, 2011 at 11:41 AM
    Ganda ng cam mo. anu gamit mo? :)
  5. Ry May 5, 2011 at 11:51 AM
    hi mariel! point and shoot lang po ginamit ko. it's my friend's Canon PowerShot A3100 IS

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