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Some Familiar Faces in Boracay

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I was browsing through the pictures of my 2011 Boracay trip and some of them make me remember how developed the island is compare to all other beaches in the Philippines. This is backed by a number of establishments that have sprouted since the last few years of which some are very familiar to us in the metro. Let's enumerate some of them. (Note: Some of the establishments below may have multiple branches in the island. What I'm just featuring here are those that I've personally seen.)
Mojos, Spaghetti Meatballs and Manager's Choice... and oh, make sure it's thin crust ;)
Shakey's - one of the most dined in by foreigners
Location: Station 2 beachfront

speaking of pizza, Yellow Cab surely gets on the list for their New York's Finest
Location: Station 1 beachfront

aside from pancakes, Pancake House offers above average main courses
Classic Pan Chicken is my favorite ;)
Location: D' Mall, Station 2

Opening Soon: Hap Chan Chinese Restaurant
actually, this maybe already open or at least almost completed as of this writing
Location: Station 2 beachfront

Boracay is not complete without a gimmick, at least for me.
 one of Boracay's night life spots - Guilly's Island
the music mix is often so "years ago" compare to other clubs
Location: Station 1 beachfront

I also saw Gerry's Grill. It's not so noticeable because it seems to be on the second floor of an establishment somewhere in Station 1 or 2.

Let's go now to the more budget-friendly food places:
I haven't seen any branch of Cindy's in Metro Manila the past several years but there used to be some until the 90's; it's comparable to Chowking
Location: D' Mall, Station 2

Chicken Inasal, chicken oil and unlimited rice captured the hearts of Filipinos
Mang Inasal - one of the fastest growing fast food chains today
Location: D' Mall, Station 2

a top pick for those traveling in a group - Andok's Lechon Manok (Grilled Chicken)
they also have Grilled Liempo (Pork) and breaded fried chicken and porkchop
Location: D' Mall, Station 2

For dessert,
believe me, this is Ice Monster :D
(errr... the leaves are ruining my shot)
Location: D' Mall, Station 2

Affordable food for merienda...
Julie's Bakeshop
Location: D' Talipapa main road side

 Mister Donut
Location: D' Talipapa main road side

Pork, Beef and Japanese siomai at Master Siomai
Location: awww, can't determine if it's still part of Station 1 or 2; but it's in beachfront

Pork and shrimp siomai at Siomai House with their famous chili garlic
Location: D' Talipapa main road side

Whether you forgot your slippers or want  some extra clothes for your gimmick or just a shopaholic, these establishments are here to the rescue.
Caterpillar and ITTI side by side
Location: D' Mall, Station 2

Location: D' Mall, Station 2

Location: D' Mall, Station 2

as expected, Havaianas is there - All Flip-Flops
Location: Station 1 beachfront

I've also seen a Mango Outlet Store for kikays along the main road.

To end this up, I should not forget to tell you one of the most important familiar face you probably should know - an ATM :D.
this Bank of the Philippine Islands ATM is at D' Mall, Station 2
also saw one at the main road adjacent to the back of D' Mall

Other bank ATM's are scattered around the island like Metrobank. Again, Boracay is developed and has almost anything you need to survive.

Edit [June 2, 2011]: Attention Starbucks fans - yes, there is in Station 1 beachfront so it would be hard for you to miss it ;).

Have you seen other familiar faces in Boracay? Feel free to share them :).

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