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Exciting Yahoo Messenger 11 New Features

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I recently had my laptop reformatted and I had to reinstall Yahoo Messenger (YM). And so I learned that version 11 Beta is already available.

A couple of enhancements have been introduced which are mostly making the messenger a more “sociable” tool. Anyway, the three new features that catch my interest the most are the following:

Facebook Chat. There’s no need to switch between windows when chatting your friends. Users can now talk to all their contacts using one tool – Yahoo Messenger 11. Just link your Facebook account to your YM account by going to Messenger>Preferences>Connected Networks. For complete instructions, go to this link: Yahoo Facebook Chat Help. A new group will be created on your messenger named “Facebook Friends” and you’ll have the option to Sign In to Facebook Chat from there.
Upon signing in, it would just be like a regular YM chat. You’ll see people go on and offline, pop you and pop them. 

Simultaneous Status Update. When updating YM status, a “Share to” link appears that lets users share their status to Facebook and Twitter without leaving YM.
Let all of them know! 

Chat Archive. With lower versions, archive can only be saved on the local machine you’re currently signed in to; it cannot be retrieved when you sign in using another computer. Starting YM 11, chat archive are stored on Yahoo’s servers and can be accessed anywhere you sign in. I like this feature as it allows me to go back to my previous chat sessions in case I need to recall something I’ve talked about with my chat mates.
Archive stored on your local machine can be imported to the online archive upon upgrading the messenger.

For all other features and to upgrade to the latest Messenger, you may go to the Yahoo! Messenger Official Page.

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  1. Unknown July 3, 2011 at 12:03 AM
    YM11 is shaping up to be a great upgrade for our favorite messenger app!

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