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Going Italian at Gotti's Ristorante

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One of my mini birthday celebrations last April is when I treated my friendly friend Paul for an early dinner. We headed to The Atrium in SM Megamall where a number of chic restaurants can be found. This time, we went Italian at Gotti's Ristorante.

 can you find Justin Beiber? ... :p

It's our first time to eat here and we really don't know what to order. And in cases like this, we apply the "Must Try" rule. It's simple - just look for the "Must Try" icon beside the food entry. If it has, then it's probably it! In Gotti's case, it's labeled as "Most Wanted" (parang kriminal lang).
Gotti's Most Wanted... (daw)

Let's start with the appetizer:
Dirty Fingers - simply known as chicken strips at P168
chicken is well fried, the taste is above average but not really (you know what I mean?)

Let's move on with the carbohydrate-rich foods. Besides, birthday ko naman kaya wala munang diet!
Creamy Basil Bacon at P260, good for 2 to 3 persons
It maybe creamy but it lacks savor. Nevertheless, I should give credit to the pasta which is cooked firm but not hard, al dente!

Oo na, alam ko carbs yan. But again, birthday ko 'di ba? :D
Mi Mama's Quattro Formaggi a.k.a Four-Cheese Pizza at P295
I like cheese but I don't like this.
Inuwi ko sa kuya ko 'yung natira namin kasi mahilig siya sa cheese-flavored pizza pero hindi nya rin nagustuhan. Well, I'm not surprised.
It's not really bad though. It's just that there are more better cheese pizzas out there.

For beverage,
Gotti's Frozen Iced tea at P75 per tall glass; Dalandan and Strawberry flavors
because of my not-so-strict diet, I find this a bit too sweet
so-so, pambata 'yung lasa

Save room for dessert!
Mango con Cioccolato Crespelle at P125; in short - Mango Crepe
In fairness, the mango inside is thick. And as usual, the cold vanilla ice cream on top complements well with the rest of the ingredients. Eto lang ang talagang nagustuhan namin.

Overall, I commend how the food are cooked and prepared. Chicken is not over fried and pasta is al dente. However, taste is another story. We know Italian food is not as flavorful as Asian dishes but we we're not expecting it to be this bland. We have tried other Italian food shops, such as Sbarro, and we like them better. Well, it may just be us; so better try it for yourself especially if you're such a hardcore Italian food fan. Besides, there are a couple of good reviews I've read on the web so I think this deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, enjoy pa rin naman ang dinner na eto kasi...
 ... I have a new Mossimo tank for working out (ako na ang haggard!)
Thanks for the birthday gift!

Thanks too to:
All who greeted (either you really remembered or had just been notified by Facebook :p),
Karen Manguiat for the surprise merienda c/o Red Ribbon,
Jufi Lanaza for my new bag from Bench,
my sister-in-law and pamangkins for the Stackers vouchers,
of course, Daddy for greeting me even if makakalimutin ka na mula nang ma-stroke ka,
and to my Mommy who cooked super special home-made Pancit Canton for me kahit nagtitipid siya.

Nag-abala pa kayo :).

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