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Zuppa Café Eastwood

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I have been a usual visitor of Eastwood lately and the restaurants there are just killing my wallet. Well, thanks to my friend for introducing me to this place in Eastwood Cybermall which offers great tasting food at relatively affordable prices – Zuppa Café.

Zuppa Café technically has a restaurant-style setup although not as sophisticated as those in Eastwood Mall and looks more like a fastfood. This has been one of my favorites lately and one of my top choices in Eastwood whenever I don’t want to spend too much. Most of the prices are not as cheap as below P100 but the serving is big and the taste is above average. Here are my top picks:

Milkfish Steak (P140) – breaded boneless milkfish rolls with their special steak sauce. This is the very first food I’ve tried here and Zuppa Café is able to alleviate milkfish from being ordinary to a must-try.
bangus to the next level ;)

Bulgogi Gogo (P125) – spicy beef with with sweet soy sauce. I like the combination of the sweet and spicy flavors. The rice itself is tasty because of the sauce. I just love this dish.
Note: As of this writing, Bulgogi is not on the menu; the waitress told us that this was accidentally missed out when the menu was printed. They should print a new one, people should not miss trying this.

Again, the dishes are relatively affordable considering the big servings and the remarkable taste. I hate it that I can’t control myself eating here without rice, anlaki pa naman ng serving. E remember nagdi-diet ako!

Zuppa Café
3F Eastwood Cybermall, Eastwood City
(02) 687-3171

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  1. happy hour 24/7 August 23, 2011 at 1:26 PM
    the milk fish steak reminds me of my mom's cooking, which makes me want to visit her more often in L.A. too bad, i live out of state so i can't just hop on a car and drive over. food photos are awesome! maybe the next time i travel to the philippines i will check this restaurant out.
  2. Ayel August 30, 2011 at 10:36 PM
    sarap! hahaha! kaka-laway naman yan! :) ^____^
  3. Unknown September 1, 2011 at 2:42 PM
    wow mukhang ok dyan ah!!!

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