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Katy Perry Live in Manila 2012 Highlights

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Introduction: O sige na, ako na ang delayed reaction at tamad mag-blog!! :))


Last November, it was announced that Katy Perry will have a concert in Manila as part of her worldwide California Dreams Tour (CDT) on January 22, 2012 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. My friends Ces and Togs are fans of Katy so they bought Titanium tickets for Php 6,844 each; while I, Alvin and Princess can only afford Gold tickets for Php 3,710 each (which we later regret; reasons to be revealed later).

ticket information and seat plan here


Manila is actually the 125th and final stop of the CDT and one of the only two Southeast Asian stops (the other being Jakarta, Indonesia). Line started to form at around 4PM and gates were opened at 6PM. The opening act featured an American DJ. By 8PM, two big cupcakes are placed at both ends of the stage so people expected the actual show to start in a few moments. But there were some security issue (as twitted by Katy) that kept the people waiting in vain.


We started to get bored and hungry, buti na lang may food booths (the blue tents behind us) sa gilid.


When the curtains were pulled up, it revealed a sugary sweet candyland stage. And by the looks of it, you know it’s not just a sing-and-dance show; but a full-blast entertainment production. There are even narrations and recorded dramas before and in between the show through the wide screens. It was so superb that my camera phone wasn’t able to give justice to it:

can’t handle the burst of lights; such a fantastic production aura!


Arrgh, I don’t have good shots to share so I’m just going to embed videos of YouTube user vinceme29 on the following highlights. There are a lot more worth mentioning but below are my favorites.


Giant cupcakes, lollipops and the cotton candy wide screens – sweets all over! Oh I just really adore those second voice/backup singers who were also in candy-inspired outfits. Katy Perry was finally on stage at 10PM and yelled “Manila, I’m back!” (everyone was roaring) then started to sing Teenage Dream as her first song of the night. Btw, I just can’t help but be distracted with those dynamic swirls strategically placed on her dress :)).


Prior to the show, Katy Perry’s Twitter showed:


We didn’t really get what “PEACOCK” means until it was for her to do it. It’s probably the most hilarious part of the show. At talaga namang ang sakit sa bangs!

[fun starts at time 1:07 of this video]

I’m sure everybody who was there still has hangover on this Peacock song!


Katy Perry “kissed” a boy! There was this part of the show where Katy bit a brownie that made her feel “sexy”. She made a challenge that the man who takes off his shirt first can come to stage. You probably know by now that Ivan Dorschner, ex-PBB housemate, won the game (although he’s not really the first to go topless).

Ivan was so lucky; but for some, it was Katy :p

[she did this at all the California Dreams Tour stops]


You know her hit Hot N Cold which goes like “You change your mind like a girl changes clothes”. Well, Katy interpreted the song by literally changing between seven outfits in one song.

Have you noticed how her second outfit almost got stripped off even before it was supposed to? hehe


Katy’s light-up dress wowed me. And as expected, fireworks boomed while she sang the very inspiring Firework.

ang kulit nung lights, but I believe mas makulit si Katy


The grand finale! Save the best for last: the outfit, the gingerbread men, the sudden appearance of bouncing beach balls and Katy’s one last surprise – the icing gun to the tune of California Gurls. How I wish I was there in front to get messed with sweet white icing all over my face!


By now, you know why I regret to just have a Gold ticket. Next time I would at least have a Titanium; or better yet a Diamond/VIP then make sure to take off my shirt first among the rest, seriously!


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  1. Alvin February 2, 2012 at 6:58 PM
    Peacock cock cock. :)
  2. Gladys | WanderingTandem.com February 3, 2012 at 3:54 PM
    yey! katy perry rocks ^_^
  3. Unknown November 22, 2014 at 2:16 PM
    hello, it's been two years but I have a question. umabot po ba ng 2nd block yung bronze section? thank you :)

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