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My Sexy Revolution Starts Now

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Blame it to the genes! Having an endomorph type of body (slow metabolism), myself, I know how it’s frustrating to be prone to fat build up while your genetically gifted friend eats bigger portions yet maintains his/her shape. I can relate…


I have ever been conscious on how I look. What’s harder is that getting in shape for a guy is not all about losing weight but also involves having muscular physique to get that extra pogi points ;). I started going to the gym for the hope of a sexy body. The point that my first Boracay during summer 2010 was approaching got me even more motivated yet pressured. But I was clueless. And here’s the pathetic result:

from 160+lbs down to 130+lbs… yes, I lost weight but it’s NOT sexy!

left pic: skinny body with bulgy tummy and big thighs; right pic: hindi humihinga para maitago ang taba


Here’s what happened: as I lifted weights to get those big arms, I starved. All that I believed is that I should not eat as long as I can so I won’t get fat. However, I realized that our body is actually intelligent enough that, when in starvation, it slows down the metabolism to save energy and attempts to store fat for energy reserves (since the body is already in panic mode). Ang ending, naging SKINNY FAT ako. And as you can see, losing weight alone is not sexy for a guy… we are looking for muscles!


For summer 2011, it was another push-yourself-to-the-limit workout. Since I became so skinny and underweight, the next step was to gain some pounds back. Besides, anorexic is NOT sexy especially for guys. And this time, I didn’t starve. I tried to eat healthy but I didn’t count calories or at least cared much on the portion sizes of what I eat. What I just knew then is that I should not starve. I also did just the same routine in lifting weights when I’m working out. So for my Boracay 2011:

nag-improve naman kahit papaano ‘di ba? (say yes please)… but then again, still NOT sexy


I was able to increase my weight from 130+ to around 140+lbs. Yes, I improved; but I must admit that it’s not enough. In fact, my ribs were still visible and my tummy remained circular at the side/oblique area. I had to put my arms on my waist to hide my flabs on my photos.

I was still a little skinny but the fats on my oblique area remained

not proportional, stubborn flabs!


As early as September 2011, my friends and I booked for our Summer 2012 Boracay trip. Hindi naman kami masyadong excited no! And this means pressure na naman sa workouts at diet. So I researched hard on workout plans that suit my goals and the food that I should be eating. I told myself that this time I want to make it right, I want results… significant results.


To make sure that I’m doing my workout right, I got a personal trainer in the gym to guide me on different workout techniques and keep me motivated. I learned that it’s not all about lifting weights; there should be variations on the workout routine to avoid your body on adapting and getting “immune”.

motivation: rarampa pa ako sa Boracay :))

seriously, you really need motivation to get you started


I was advised to stick to one goal at a time to maximize the results. So in my case, my goal is to pack on muscle mass – the “bulking” phase. And to build muscles, I should eat MORE THAN ENOUGH because our body won’t provide fuel for muscle growth if it doesn’t have excess energy to spare. In particular, I started eating high protein foods from meat sources and lessen my carbs. I now also count my calorie intake per day religiously (hassle pero kailangan e). I take around 18-20 calories per pound of body weight. So when I was 140+lbs, I took 2,500-2800 calories distributed in 6-7 smaller meals, instead of 3 heavy meals, per day to boost metabolism.


I replaced white rice with old fashioned oatmeal. I also take other fiber rich food, low fat milk for added protein, and peanut butter. Yes, the latter maybe high in fats but they’re mostly the healthy type. Peanut butter can actually work wonders for you when taken in moderation as it slows down the digestion of food and keeps you feeling full and, thus, prevents you from overeating.

junk food no more!


Protein is crucial for muscle growth so I also take in protein supplements to help me achieve my required daily protein needs which I set to a minimum of 1.2grams per pound of body weight per day. So when I was 140+lbs, I took at least 168g of protein distributed across 6-7 meals a day.

my protein supplements (kariran na eto!)


I actually monitored my progress through an electronic device in the gym that measures body composition. And here are the results for the segmental lean analysis which shows the estimated LEAN (non-fat) mass in my body:

muscles at last… hay salamat naman :D


I was able to pump some muscles into my body and is currently at 150+lbs. It has just been a few months so don’t expect a bikini body :)). But at least, I can now see relatively satisfactory results compare to my previous workout and diet routines. So here’s my Boracay 2012 shot:

skinny no more!


Now here’s the drawback: since I have to eat more than what is enough to build muscles, tendency of gaining fat along the way is also present especially in the cases of endomorphs like me (genes! genes! genes!). Yes, my camera was able to hide my bulgy tummy on the picture above – tamang anggulo, ilaw at non-breathing lang yan hihi. The muscles that I packed also helped compensate the fats that I gained in terms of overall appearance. But the body composition analyzer doesn’t lie. And here’s my before and after segmental FAT analysis :(…

unfortunately, my already “Over” fat rating went even higher (although this is already expected for someone in the muscle bulking phase)


I’m still on the muscle bulking phase and I have to accept the fats that come along the way. And when I have finally packed enough, my goal will shift from “bulking” to “cutting” where I will eventually start to lose weight to the right level. It will be very difficult as I want to do it in a gradual manner to make sure that I’ll be burning the fats, not the muscles.


Hay… why is the first place to gain fat, the last place to lose fat? First In, Last Out - and it is just unfair. Gladly, I recently found out that there are now technological interventions available that can help people like me to melt those fats away more quickly than regular diet alone. Lipo Cavitation is a procedure that breaks down the fat cells on stubborn areas such as the abdomen and thighs and one more great thing about it is that it’s NON-INVASIVE. Body sculpting and toning are now also available for a lean and toned body. The trusted Belo Medical Group actually now has dedicated clinics for such services – the Sexy Solutions by Belo.

and there’s an ongoing promo for May 2012!


Sexy Solutions also has fitness and nutrition consultants to correct any wrong routine that we may have been doing so as not to waste our efforts. Besides, all the hard work at the gym are trash without proper diet; and I learned my lessons the hard way. One more thing: we don’t need to be hungry to get sexy! In fact, it may even be the reciprocal.


I still have a long way to get a sexy and muscular physique. But non-invasive fat melting procedures, such as those by Sexy Solutions, can help me achieve my goals sooner than expected. Who says I need to wait for next summer to get that beach body? Kaya humanda ka na Boracay for Summer 2013! :D


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  1. Pinoy Adventurista May 31, 2012 at 10:40 PM
    it takes a lot of discipline to achieve that... congrats Ry! good job! :)
  2. Anonymous June 8, 2012 at 8:52 AM
    Nice! Natuwa naman ako may yearly comparison! Keep it up! It shows a lot of improvement! :)
  3. Angel July 20, 2012 at 6:16 PM
    having a lean body defo is hard to achieve/,aintain specially masarap foods sa pinas. :) Kudos to you for working your way up to your goal. I recently just started running/jogging to tone my body and get a bit physically fit. As we age it gets harder kasi to stay flexible.

    Keep it up!
  4. Ry July 22, 2012 at 12:11 AM
    thanks angel! and yes, let's be physically fit :)

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