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[Lookbook] Boracay Blues

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On my second to the last blog entry, I posted my look while I was on my way to Boracay last Summer 2013. Take note: summer in Manila is March to May. But it’s just midway summer for the northern hemisphere of the world; so for this entry, I’m sharing this beach look that I’ve got last summer.


What I’m wearing: tank top (Folded and Hung), board shorts (Mossimo), flip-flops (Havaianas), white-framed shades (SM Accessories). Hype this on Lookbook here.

by now, you know what my favorite color is :D


This tank top from Folded and Hung makes my shoulders look broader hehe.


This is one of my favorite board shorts. It’s only above knee level so it gives this illusion that I have longer legs; and thus, makes me look taller. It has three bright curved linings on the pocket area which break the monotony of its solid dark blue shade.


And don’t forget to bring your shades! I can barely open my eyes without them; got mine from SM Accessories.


Don’t forget to HYPE this on Lookbook, just click here.


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