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[Lookbook] Off to Boracay 2013

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It’s rainy season already here in Manila but summer has just started for most parts of the world. Besides, it’s practically hot all year round here :p. Probably my must go to destination during summer is one of the best islands in the world – Boracay!


What I’m wearing: tank top (Folded and Hung), chambray shirt (Giordano), walk shorts (Penshoppe), black-framed glasses (Forever 21), fedora hat (SM Accessories). Hype this on Lookbook here.

checking in at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3


I got this tank top from Folded and Hung about two summers ago. I just love its feather design which gives this casual tank a sophisticated touch. I also covered myself with a  lightweight chambray shirt from Giordano to keep me a little warm while inside the airport and the plane. I already wore my walk shorts from Penshoppe on the airport; it’s not an eye candy to wear jeans while strolling along white beach in Boracay.

one-hour travel from Manila to Kalibo Airport via plane


It’s the time of the year to wear that fedora hat; got mine from SM Accessories. I reserved my sunglasses on the beach; for now (while indoors), it would be my clear black-framed glasses from Forever 21 which gives me a nice guy look hehe.

it was my birthday celebration at Boracay, yay!


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  1. Kit | hotel at boracay September 12, 2013 at 10:52 AM
    When it's summer, the first place for summer destination I can think of is no other than Boracay. Always been on top of my go-to list every year! :)

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