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Trying Recipes’ Tatlong Sikat (+ CBTL)

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[This is another flashback blog post; I was in blogging hiatus for a year]


One of the perks of having friends working abroad is that when they here in Manila for vacation, they tend to contact their friends for some sort of reunion. And the best part – their treat lol! For this round, we tried Recipes by Café Metro in Greenbelt.


For first timers and those who don’t know what to order, just tell the waiter “Tatlong Sikat” (Famous Three). This combination is their best seller which consists of General’s Chicken, Crispy Tilapia and Gising Gising.


We really like General’s Chicken. It’s like fried chicken strips and has this sweet sauce mixed with eggplant slices.

General’s Chicken – sarap papakin; I so like this!


Recipes was able to transform the simple fried tilapia to a must try. I even have a friend who has never eaten tilapia her entire life until she tried Recipe’s Crispy Tilapia.

at ang nice ng presentation/cuts ng Crispy Tilapia – ready for sharing na


Gising Gising is made of chopped green beans and ground pork cooked in gata (coconut milk). I’m not a fan but I can say it’s good naman; my friends really like it though.


Aside from the Tatlong Sikat, we also had Lechon Kawali with Kangkong.


All together now…

thanks Donni, Denden and Bhennie!! (kelan ulit? :p)


At ciempre, tuloy ang kwentuhan sa Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL). I had Ultimate Frappuccino  - ciempre libre ulit :D.


Ang sarap talaga nang libre!


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