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[Lookbook] Waiting for Sunset

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Sunset in Boracay is probably one of the best sunset sceneries in the world. Most describe it as breathtaking, dramatic and for the couples – romantic. It should definitely be part of anyone’s itinerary when having a vacation in the island; truly a must-see.


What I’m wearing: tank top (Forever 21), board shorts (Folded and Hung), shades (SM Accessories). Hype this look on Lookbook here.


I like how the dark blue-maroon blocks/lines contrasted against the off-white base of the tank top which I got from Forever 21. For the board shorts, this is currently my favorite. It’s simple with just a solid light blue color with straight zipper pockets at each side – again, Folded and Hung did it again in the function and style departments. The shades, on the other hand, is from SM Accessories where I usually get stylish yet affordable accessories.


Btw, one way of appreciating Boracay sunset is by hiring a paraw, an outrigger sail boat, just before sunset. Many locals offer it ranging from 700-1,500 pesos depending on the boat’s size.


Or you can also simply just watch it from the shore and maybe have a silhouette photo that you can upload in Facebook and probably make it as a good cover photo.

golden hour


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