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Summer 2012 Boracay Itinerary Part 2 (Days 2, 3 & 4)

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Click here for Summer 2012 Boracay Itinerary Part 1 (Preparation & Day 1)


Day 2:

We started the day with the inclusive breakfast in Tan’s Guesthouse’s roof deck. It was a plated breakfast with different silog meals to choose from. It actually used to be a buffet breakfast on my previous stays; no biggie considering the competitive accommodation price we had. I had tapsilog that morning :).


For our first activity, we headed to White Blue, a reef walk provider, located in Station 3. By the way, reef walk is also known as helmet dive (just in case you’re confused). Ang aga namin gumising ‘coz they say it’s better to have this activity early in morning, like 8 or 9AM, when fishes are most active.

Good morning Boracay, we’re so ready for the day ahead!


Reef Walking was regularly priced at P450 per head but we got it at only P375 since we were seven, deal! It was actually slightly more expensive than the competition. But what White Blue boasts is that they only use oxygen tanks for the air supply under the sea which can provide a more natural breathing than an air compressor.

the barge where reef walks are conducted – a 3 to 5-minute boat navigation from the shore


Tama ng introduction. This is it!

mmm… ang konti ng isda that day compare sa previous reef walks ko
Tip: The CD containing the pictures and video can be claimed the day after the activity; so do this NOT on your LAST day in Boracay.


feeding the fishes with monay :)


For lunch, we headed to D’ Talipapa in Station 3 for the paluto experience. The wet market section almost have it all – from fishes, shells foods, poultry and pork.

you buy your own meat here – in fairness, lahat fresh!


This was already my third time in Boracay but only my first time to try paluto – hangsarap at ang hangsaya! We had our food cooked in Sababi Boracay which is just in front of the wet market.


All of these, plus soft drinks and the cooking charge, for just P1,855! This is one of the perks of traveling in a group – you can order different dishes and have them shared.

super sulit; a must-try in Boracay


We just took a rest at noon time then did mostly beach bumming along the shore that afternoon. Of course, kasama na run ang harutan at kulitan :).

best thing to do in Boracay – UBE: Ultimate Bonding Experience – and it’s free!


And just when the sun was about to set, hindi kami nakatiisnag-banana boat kami for just P120 per head :D.

last time our group did this was in Puerto Galera; and we say Boracay’s muchie much more fun
’yung tipong tumatagilid kau tapos madadaganan ka nung nasa harapan mo


Our contact person/agent for Banana Boat is Mang Niño. He was also my contact person during my Boracay 2011 trip. He is well-recommended by forum members in PinoyExchange. For your reference, his contact number is +63-915-8722855. By the way, he referred us to Diamond Water Sports, one of the most reliable activity providers in Boracay, for the Banana Boat.

banana boat will always be a classic beach activity – approved ;)


Ahhhh… lovely Boracay sunset (andaming lumot)

we call ourselves the Tictac Gang (sana kumpleto na next time)


ciempre may solo shot ako


sunset is perfect for silhouette shot


For dinner, we tried Hawaiian Bar-B-Que’s Baby Back Ribs. We also had their pineapple rice, and garlic mushrooms for side dish.

everyone agreed that the baby back ribs, though not the best, is really good nevertheless


Late in the evening, we went to Cocomangas along the main road in Station 1. The bar is famous for its “Still Standing After 15” challenge.

view of the dance floor from our elevated couch (invaded ng Taiwanese at Koreans)


Mechanics: “Cocomangas has a shooter list of 15 drinks. Drink the shooters and if you’re Still Standing After 15, you’ll have your name engraved on Boracay’s Wall of Fame and win a Cocomangas T-Shirt.”

15 shots for P1,200+


One of my friends took the challenge. And yes, he was still standing after 15!

inuwi na namin siya after this bago pa mahuli ang lahat while he was still standing :p


Day 2 Expenses:
Reef Walk by White Blue = P375
Lunch (Paluto at D' Talipapa) = P265 (P1,855 divided by 7)
Banana Boat by Diamond Water Sports = P120
Dinner (Hawaiian Bar-B-Que) = P275
Miscellaneous (Chori Burger, Tricycle, Water) = P115
Total = P1,150


Day 3:

Our third day in Boracay happened to be a Palm Sunday. So after breakfast, we went to Holy Rosary Parish located along the main road in Station 1.

Palm Sunday – the start of the Holy Week


After hearing mass, we headed to Jonah’s Fruitshake to beat the morning heat.

chikka minute


Oh, wag kalimutan mag-picture sa grotto ha, abot-tanaw na ‘yun from Jonah’s.

the grotto at the back is one of Boracay’s landmarks


Last day na ng friends ko, so it was beach bumming the rest of the morning. Btw, nagpa-henna pala ako for P250 – a little pricey but I loved the outcome.

stars are in, tribal is so out!


Before my friends headed to the airport, we had lunch together at Ole Restaurant in D’ Mall.

Spanish-themed restaurant with, of course, Spanish-themed interiors (and pa-sexy waitresses)


food is pricey but is really good nevertheless


My high school friends left for Manila after lunch while I was left alone in the island – looking forward for some “me time” - to reflect and ponder. My heart was actually breaking back then coming from a long term relationship that eventually didn’t work. In short, gusto ko mag-emote hihi. Anyway, this marked my first ever solo travel.


I moved accommodation to Boracay Beach Resort in Station 1 for my last night in Boracay. I got a native style room with a hammock outside.

relaxation on the hammock was such a bonus treat for me; didn’t know my room has one
and of course, beach bumming just before sunset – a relatively quiet afternoon for me
Click here for my full review of Boracay Beach Resort Standard Bungalow room


To be honest, I was not really that alone. My college classmate (who was also my officemate) was there. So sweet of her to invite me to join them for dinner para hindi ako loner hehe. I had dinner with the rest of her family at Gasthof. Bestseller here is their Baby Back Ribs.

dinner by the beach
I was not a loner after all


For dessert, we tried my well-recommended Mati Cholocated Sin in Zuzuni located in Station 1. It’s a little pricey at P272 each but you must still try it at least once in your life!

sinful yet heavenly


And there was this surprise gift for my upcoming birthday…

Lacoste Essentials – love the subtle scent! Thank you :)


Alone again by midnight, I just spent my last night in Epic Bar located in Station 2. I just had a bottle of Red Horse (P70) and Tanduay Ice (P80).

it was a Sunday night (Monday morning??) and the bar wasn’t really that full


Day 3 Expenses:
Tricycle to Church = 10
Palaspas (for Palm Sunday) = 20
Morning Merienda (Jonah’s Fruitshake) = 110
Henna = 250
Lunch (Ole) = 270
Dinner (Gasthof) = 0 –> friend’s treat
Dessert (Zuzuni’s Mati Chocolate Sin) = 272
Epic Bar = 150
Total = 1,082


Day 4:

For my last day in Boracay, I had my accommodation-inclusive breakfast at Café Del Mar which is just in front of Boracay Beach Resort, same owners I believe.

it was a filling breakfast with these two eggs


I just spent the rest of the morning walking and beach bumming along the shore. Beach bumming again?? Oh yes! It’s something that you won’t get enough when in Boracay ;).


I skipped lunch and rather just had another round of Jonah’s Banana Choco Peanut shake instead. For souvenirs, I would still recommend D’ Talipapa over D’ Mall. A wider variety of items plus cheaper prices.

D’ Talipapa souvenir shops


Day 4 Expenses:
Lunch (Jonah’s Fruitshake) = 110
Souvenirs (D’ Talipapa) = 935
Miscellaneous (tricycle, water, etc.) = 30
Total = 1,075


I still prefer traveling to/from Boracay through the Kalibo Airport – allows me to choose a flight that utilizes a jet type plane.

bound for Manila (ang cute ng katabi ko sa plane hihi)


Going Home Expenses:
Tricycle (D’ Mall to Cagban Port) = 100 –> chartered trip
Cagban Port Terminal Fee = 50
Pump Boat (Cagban Port to Caticlan Jetty Port) = 25
Van (Caticlan to Kalibo Airport) = 175
Kalibo Airport Terminal Fee = 40
Merienda at Kalibo Airport = 95
Tranpo Expenses in Manila (taxi, MRT, van, etc.) = 239
Total = 724


Grand Total = P15,600 ALL-IN from tickets to solo accommodations, transportation, food, activities, etc. for 4 days and 3 nights – or P11,548 excluding the flight tickets. This budget could have been lower if I had a roommate for those 3 nights. But it’s ok, at least I had some privacy… if you know what I mean, lol.


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