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Review: Boracay Beach Resort (Standard Bungalow)

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My 2012 Boracay vacation marked by very first solo travel. Well, not quite - I was actually with my high school friends on the first 3 days and stayed at Tans Guesthouse. My friends left the third day while I stayed in the island alone until the following day.


Although I really recommend Tans Guesthouse, I decided to move accommodation for my third night. I wanted to stay in a room with a higher level of amenities and service in a relatively not too expensive rate. I chose Boracay Beach Resort.

Boracay Beach Resort lobby


Boracay Beach Resort is a beach front accommodation in Station 2 somewhere in between Station 1 and D’ Mall which I would say is a location that I would really prefer. It’s a few steps away from D’ Mall where most of the food establishments are found, and just a few minutes walk to Station 1 where I usually beach bum when in Boracay.


For those who are not new to Boracay, Boracay Beach Resort is right beside this mermaid landmark of Café del Mar. I think they have the same owners.


I usually prefer contacting the hotel/guesthouse directly for better rates. But for this one, I decided to try the service of myboracayguide.com. What I like on this website is its vast compilation of Boracay accommodations with their map locations, amenities and prices. This made it very easy for me to find a place that fitted my needs based on my preferred location and budget. Reservation required me to pay a 15% deposit charged to my credit card. A confirmation e-mail was sent to me which I printed and presented at the reception upon arrival.


Boracay Beach Resort has suite and bungalow types of room. The suite rooms are newer, have contemporary interiors and are more upscale. The bungalow rooms, on the other hand, are of native style. I chose the Standard Bungalow which is good for two; got it at P3,361 per night – a little hefty since it was a Palm Sunday which is considered a peak season in the Philippines. It could had been just around P2,600 if it was just a regular summer day.


A warm welcome greeted me at their reception. I can feel good customer service right from the start. The receptionist had some short talks with me while my room was getting prepared. An attendant also offered to carry my bag to my room. I can feel a level of enthusiasm among the staff every time I had questions and requests. Plus, who wouldn’t want a glass of mango shake during a very hot and humid afternoon?

my welcome drink :)


The Standard Bungalow room that I got has one queen size bed which is good for couples (sayang I was alone hihi). The room was also spacious enough to move around easily, and also had a cable TV. The beddings used provided me with a more comfortable sleep than that of the thin sheets/blankets used by other budget guesthouses.


The room was obviously inspired by the bahay kubo although air conditioned. It appeared to be a little old but was maintained and clean. The light was of yellow shade which gave a cozy feel; yet those who prefer a brighter room may find this as a disadvantage.


Bath towels were also provided together with complimentary fruits and bottled water.


Other amenities…

hair blower, tissue supply, personal refrigerator, shampoo, soap, and beach towels


I was also a bit surprised that my room actually has a hammock outside; it was such a bonus for me. I spent almost an entire afternoon on the hammock relaxing and getting some power naps in between, love it!


For the inclusive breakfast, it was served by Café del Mar. Different Filipino and Western breakfast sets were available; I had tapsilog and a glass of orange juice.


Another great perk of staying here is that beach chair umbrellas are provided in front of the resort facing the beach. There were times that I just relaxed on one of those chairs while watching the calm waves of Boracay and, of course, the sexy people passing by, lol. I was also able to dip in the water occasionally without worrying about my things as an attendant was looking after the guests’ stuffs. Another convenience – there was no need for me to carry my room key every time I was outdoors. I just handed it over to the reception which was manned 24 hours a day.


Boracay Beach Resort isn’t a budget accommodation. But the price is reasonable considering the location, amenities and warm customer service. With all the perks and convenience that I had, I would say I got what I paid for at Boracay Beach Resort!


Boracay Beach Resort
380 White Beach, Station1, Balabag
Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines 5608
Tel.: +63 36 288-3208, 288-4288


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