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Yumyum at Max’s Restaurant

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[Photo credits to Israel Vinuya of pixntoys.blogspot.com]

I’ve been browsing through my picture albums and found some photos with my former officemates in Lawson during a dinner meet up in Max’s Restaurant in SM Makati. By the way, we call ourselves Yumyum – Yummy Young Professionals, lol.


Max’s is not Max’s without their famous fried chicken. Besides, it’s “the house the fried chicken built”. This is definitely a Max’s staple order.

crispy skin, tender meat… (almost) perfect fried chicken!


Chicken Sisig…


Their Filipino style pancit canton is also something worth ordering. I sometimes substitute this to rice.


Chopseuy for side dish.


Now this is a new favorite – Sizzling Tofu. I never thought tofu can be really good, so irresistible.

tokwa to the next level


Max’s Restaurant is definitely one of my favorite Filipino restaurants of all time. Delicious food at very reasonable prices; such a classic.


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